If you easily blush, you’re not alone…

The material on this site was previously published elsewhere. A lot of people gathered their experiences with going red. Here are some of them:

Here are others who report blushing at the slightest notice. Most are under 30 – so there is hope…

However, I do think that it’s not related to age at all. Older people are probably a bit less sensitive to social pressure.

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I’m 13 and i go red when i have a presentation or something I just have try not to think about going red and concentrate on what I’m reading and i don’t look up because it makes me go red when i see everyone looking at me, and i do care what people think of me and my goal is to not give a shit, it is messing up my social life, what annoys me the most is actually when one person goes god your whole face went red, and then someone else says oh only your cheeks went red a tiny bit and then you don’t know how red you actually go I’m just happy that i know I’m not the only one.


i happen to be one of them..YES it is super annoying. I’m14 and it has been ruining my life since i was freaking 10! (begging of puberty idk)..when someone idk talks to me i get red or when a lot of people look at me like if I’m a freak i get red..and then my “FRIENDS” say omg ur getting red, and that makes me even MORE RED! it sux real bad being this type of person bt i think ot attracts guys idk..lol it happens to me bt idk if its because i get red.ANYWAYSS, as i was saying, i thought the redness was gunna go out bt im waiting for ever! and the worst part is; I’m like pale white when I’m not embarrassed and people think I’m dying when i get red! its stupid! i hate it and its the worst thing i hate about my self! i wish there was a medicine to cure everyone that has this because i know what u guys feel. And for the people that don’t and is reading this, u guys are asses when u criticize people when they get red:( it hurts our feelings and makes us depressed :'(..take a minute and think of how we feel..-this sux!


I am 28 and I go red when I speak in front of a group of people. Even if there are only a few people and they are my peers. I hate getting red. I can feel it filling my face, my body temp rises and then I begin to sweat. No matter how cold it is! It sucks! I have to give a presentation in front of many people next week which I am not looking forward to. I think if I’m very prepared for it, I can hopefully control my redness. I find when you have a great tan on your face it’s less noticeable. Does anyone know if there is a mental trick to help prevent/lessen this?


Reading this stories make me feel much better, to know that i am not the only one with this problem. I sometimes don’t go to work because their is group of people there that as soon as i see them walk in i feel the rush in the face and because i know they know makes the redness more noticeable. i have over heard them and i have earned the nick name “the rush” this stresses me out so much that i hope that i would be better dead. but i will try this product and hopefully it will work and make my life easier, and do hope that we can help each other with this problem so if any one has any tips please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have had this problem since high school, and I believe that people who blush easily at a young age are 75% more at risk of developing Rosacea later in life, I can sometimes blush for no apparent reason and it is so annoying, specially in a social situation. I have tried loads of different products but find that Salcura’s Dermaspray works wonders for redness control, however i am keen to give your advertised Eucerin range a try..


i’m in 9th grade & my face turns red SO much. it really has set back my confidence. but i don’t understand because i don’t even get embarrassed. it also doesn’t help that my friends comment about how red my face is every time it happens. i think half of it is the fear of it happening & we think about it too much. i also probably have some anxiety problem. i’m trying to realize that people are just people & it doesn’t matter what they think of you. we should really learn to face our fears. also, since my face turns red all the time, when i see other people’s faces turn red at my school, i try to encourage them. i know how they feel. it’s really great to know you’re not the only one dealing with this!


My face always goes red mostly when I’m talking to new people or when I do so etching embarrassing. It makes me really self conscious. I’ve just started college and ever since I’ve started my face goes red every time a teacher asks me a question or somebody new speaks to me. I have to do a presentation in front of my class soon. Guarantee I go bright red in the face. It will be even worse cause I know it will happen cause I’m so worried.

I always try to hide it and it just makes things worse. It used to just happen whenever I did something really embarrassing or I was put on the spot but my friend used to always point it out and ever since then it happens all of the time and its really getting me down and I’m constantly worrying that’s it’s going to happen for reason and I’m going to look so stupid.

If your reading this and thinking oh I do point it out to other people when they go red, please stop cause you don’t know how it can make people feel. Does anyone know any tricks to stop this?


I sit in the toilets at school because I’m so red and afraid of embarrassment. I’m 13 and my dad has no sympathy for me. He just says get on with it. He also never helps me get rid of embarrassment or even making an effort to raise my self esteem level and confidence. I can’t take it anymore. Its so annoying that I can’t contribute the class, put my hand up, speak to girls.


HI IM 20 YEARS OLD, IM A BOY FROM URUGUAY and i learned to control it, i was in that bad situation that only the fact of going out of my house turned me red, this situation begun when i was like 14 years and one day at the age of 19 i said to myself: what the hell, i dont care and the people that sees me turn red dont care, i cant let this thing define my everyday life, i realized that for the last 7 years of my youth I’d avoided any kind of social situation like going to birthdays celebrations or even having friends or talk to my family or have a meal in the table and all that just because i was shy and i thought that i couldn´t fail or that i couldn´t let the people see my mistakes and then i understood that i was wasting my time trying to be like perfect or something.

So now if it comes an idea of doing something like talk in public or express a thought or what ever i don’t think about it and i do it , and since i been doing this i feel like a normal person.


Hi i am a fourteen year old, and i am go red all the time! it makes my face red and blotchy and since i do a lot of drama and speaking out in class this has really dented my confidence. Now i don’t pit my hand up in class or anything and i don’t enter discussions as much.


I’m 16 years old and not a very confident person. It really helps reading these comments and knowing that I’m not the only one who can’t control going red in the face!

I’m naturally very pale and when I get nervous or embarrassed I go bright red and I can’t control it! It happens when I have to speak in front of a class or when someone I don’t really know (like a teacher) asks me something or even when attention is drawn to someone near me and then people ask me why I’m embarrassed and I don’t know how to reply!

It’s stupid but I get really nervous about what people think! It doesn’t help that people confront me about it or tell me because it makes it worse like my friends always say, “Look you’re the colour of that poster” and it’s always really bright!! I try to laugh it off but now I’m just sick of it!

I’m going to try the cream but my parents will just think I’m exaggerating, it’s not like it’s ruining my life but it makes me really self-conscious!

These comments have really helped because no one else ever understands how scary and nerve-racking it is to always be worried about the colour of my face! So thank you for explaining your situations because its made me feel quite a lot better!


I have this too. & I personally don’t think creams would solve this problem.. What really helps me to not turn red during situations like presentations and things like that is I tell myself to not worry about what others think, & that speaking out is not a big deal.. I know it’s easier said than done but it really helps keep my mind in good places and not worry so much about it. Also, it helps ALOT when I chew gum when I’m nervous & think when it’s about to happen.. I know it may sound a little weird but it keeps my mind off of being embarrassed and causes me not to be nervous as much.:) just remember that your not alone and we will all get through this someday.. Don’t beat yourself up about it , turning red is not a big deal . I know of people that find it attractive actually:)


I discovered something interesting this morning. I spoke up at a lecture and made an absolutely ridiculous comment. People responded with “What?!”, and I immediately realized my mistake. For the next 20 minutes my mind was racing with thoughts about what people now think of me, and I kept telling myself that they’ve already moved on and really aren’t thinking about me anymore, it’s all in my imagination, I’m blowing this out of proportion, etc, etc.

None of those thoughts helped for more than a minute.

Finally I decided to tell myself, “I said something ridiculous and I was embarrassed.”

Immediately the mind racing and destructive thoughts melted away. The shameful feelings have not resurfaced since. I’m not sure why this helped. I’m thinking it’s because I made peace withe reality instead of trying to fight it. Anyway, thought this might help others.


I’ve had this problem my entire life. Anytime I am called on, or have to speak in front of people, it happens. It happened all through college, and continues to happen to me today. Being in my late 30s, I have learned a few tricks over the years.

The first is if I know ahead of time I will have to speak in front of people, I will remove my contact lenses. My eye sight is poor enough that when I remove my contacts, people’s faces are just a blur. For some reason, I never go red as long as my contacts are not in, and I cannot make out people’s faces.

For those that have good eyesight, you can try what I have found to be the ultimate enemy of the red face, and that is a beta blocker called Propranalol. You will need a prescription for this, but just talk to your doctor about what you are dealing with, and that you would like to try it out. If you take it 30 minutes prior to any public speaking, job interview, or presentation, you will have zero fear, and no red face. It is my secret weapon, and my saving grace in the face of dealing with this issue. Good luck!

I’m in 8th grade and yesterday my crush was talking to me and then in the middle of his sentence he was like “your face is really red are you okay?” I thought I was dying inside. This also happens when I get called on and when we have to speak in front of the class. Some one help I also sweat a lot in the arm pit area. PLEASE HELP. I am going to try this stuff and hopefully it helps.


I just finished college and now that I’m done with school I can tell you how unimportant school things are!

I mean – education is important! But I would literally shake if a teacher called on me in class – I was so nervous I would get the answer wrong and maybe get in trouble or have kids laugh at me. But now that I’m older looking back I wish I would have just calmed down and realized its no big deal.

The truth is answering questions in class, doing tests, and giving presentations in middle school and high school will not have any impact on your future. It won’t prove that you’re smart or not smart. I don’t even remember the names of a lot of the kids who bullied me! Even college classes are not even all that important! I had to do a presentation during my 2nd year and I was sooo nervous! It was a final report and it meant EVERYTHING to me at the time. Well after I graduated I visited the class and watched that batch of kids give their presentations and I saw how nervous they were and how it all really didn’t matter.

Maybe it will help some of you be less scared about such things. Just relax, do your best, and try to enjoy learning. That is what will get you ahead in the long run!


You’re lucky you’re only red some of the time- I’m red ALL of the time!

I go red in the face and neck all the time, some times i’m not embarrassed at all, but the chance that this might happen at work, which it often does, has taken over my life, I consider just not bothering to talk to people at all because they always comment on it and it ends up making them feel socially uncomfortable when they are around me. No one else I know apart from a few family members have this problem so it was great to find this website and know that there are other sufferers out there. To find a product designed to help this as well is fantastic! I would definitely like to buy some, anything to get my life back 🙂

I have an awful reaction to public speaking–my face gets red, my chest gets red, my voice and hands shake. I finally figured out how to deal with it, and it’s not simply a mind over matter situation or something that can be solved with a cream. I started taking beta blockers whenever I know I’m going to be in a situation where I’m going to get nervous, and I honestly wish I’d been taking them my whole life. Beta blockers simply stop the release of hormones that cause the typical “nervous reaction.” They don’t need to be taken daily in order for them to work–they work about 30 minutes after ingestion. Now I can give public speeches without having to worry that everyone sees how nervous I am, and in turn, I’m actually getting less nervous in certain situations.

If you’re interested, look up beta blockers. Musicians, public speakers, and performers have been using them for years to help with stage fright. You’ll need a prescription, but most doctors know of the alternate uses for beta blockers, and since they’re a relatively harmless drug, most doctors will prescribe them for off-label use. Oh, and a prescription at walmart is something like $5.

Seriously, if you have a strong nervous reaction, look into beta blockers. They will change your life.

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  1. Hi, im a 14 year old girl and i’ve had this problem my entire life. Some people think it might be genetic but no one in my family has this. Every time that I speak and I think I said something wrong, like a wrong answer in class or even giving someone the wrong homework I go bright red. I try to calm myself but it never works. It also doesn’t help that everyone points it out, like I can literally feel my face burning you don’t need you to point it out. It also happens when I lie and that’s so inconvenient, as you can imagine. It also happens when I do a presentation or even worse when I sing. I do guitar and singing lesson so my parents usually ask me to play them a few songs, but every time I perform I turn red and frankly it’s pissing me off. It’s not just my face it’s my emotions it’s like I can’t control them and I don’t know how to fix it. If I get slightly criticized, or told of by teachers I will start to cry for no reason, and I know that it’s absolutely ridiculous but I just can’t stop. I’ve always had this problem when I was younger and I guess for my parents it was sort of a good thing because they always knew what I was feeling but now it’s really annoying because I don’t want to be an open book because it makes me very vulnerable and people see me as weak. Sometimes my parents would try to tell me something that I should improve on, that is harmless because they want the best for me but as soon as they say anything I start crying and my dad tells me to suck it up but I JUST CAN’T. He doesn’t understand, I can’t control it and I really want to but I can’t. Anyway if you’ve actually finished this paragraph (more like a novel) where i’m ranting about my problems, than I give you an air high five and an apology because you’ve probably wasted like 3 minutes that you’re never going to get back 🙂 I should probably get back to practicing my english presentation which is the reason I found this website.
    -P.S thanks you to everyone who also shared their stories, it really makes me feel better knowing that i’m not the only one who gets extremely embarrassed just by speaking in front of a class or something, but maybe the thing about not be able to control my emotions. Anyway I hope that soon I’ll be able to find out a cure and everyone else does to 🙂


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