How to Stop Going Red with embarrassment

How to stop going red in the face!

Do you go red in the face in any social situation? Does your skin light up whenever you have to speak in public or do a presentation? There are two things to remember:

  1. A lot of people have this issue
  2. You can learn to control it (to an extent)

Note: although I do make a bit every time someone buys something on this page, I am really the person shown in the pictures here and I really do use this line of Eucerin products and it has helped diminish the redness on my face to acceptable levels.

A cyclical thing

Stress causes redness, which causes you to be embarrassed

Embarrassment because of redness in the face or neck can cause you to stress out even more. And of course that leads to an even brighter red face than before.

There are two ways to break the cycle:

  1. Get rid or reduce the stress (by reminding yourself that redness isn’t that big a deal, for instance) or following some of the other tips on this page
  2. Prevent the redness if you can’t prevent the stress: use a make up or green foundation to make sure whatever redness your skin shows, people don’t get to see it.

There is NO reason to be embarrassed: a lot of people have this problem. And people really don’t notice your blushing as much as you think they do. Really. There’s been research done!

Dealing with stress

How to stop face from turning red

  1. Look at your life: where is the stress coming from, would it work to just minimize dealing with those things that cause you most stress?
  2. The opposite might work as well: face your fears. Take a public speaking class for instance. Facing your fears is the only way to get over them
  3. Make sure you relax and laugh enough. Mindfulness Meditation, yoga and Tai Chi can help too.
  4. Learn to not care so much about what other people say or think. As long as you do the best you can, you can’t expect any more – nor can they
  5. Physical exercise, working in the garden, taking a walk. These help relieve tension.
  6. Alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fats and tobacco should be avoided.
  7. Find people to talk to: a counselor or self help group, or just a friend
  8. Help others: volunteering is a very good way to start feeling better about yourself and get a more balanced life
  9. Get organized: plan your activities so they don’t overwhelm you. Don’t be too competitive. You are fine just where you are
  10. SMILE

Practice makes perfect

How to stop going red

If you respond to your social awkwardness by avoiding social situations, you will only have less social skills the next time you really need to go. Instead you could do the opposite: Face your fears by seeking out social situations.

The redness in your face will get less as you get better used to speaking in public or dealing with people. Your self confidence levels will go up, especially if you remind yourself that other people’s opinions aren’t that big a deal.

Going red in the face, neck…

Going red can be embarrassing. I go red in the face. I do mean all over: my cheeks, ears, chin etc. It’s perhaps even more embarrassing when people go red in the neck.

There is no medicine to make your face less red, but there are creams out there. I personally recommend the Eucerin Redness Relief line. It has helped me keep the redness on my face down – to the extent that recently a friend told me to get blush 🙂

If it’s ruining your life, stop letting it!

One person wrote in here saying that she quit school, quit her job and is now worrying about her marriage (ceremony). Seriously: you need help. I mean that in the kindest way possible.

Having red cheeks and getting red are NOT that big a deal. People may tease you, or have teased you, but that’s just teens being bullies.

Don’t let this ruin your life. There are therapies available if you can’t conquer your fears alone, but ‘buckle up’ also comes to mind.

The biology of Blushing

Blushing is probably a flight or fight response: when fighting is (or seems) impossible, and we also can’t flee – we freeze. And some humans also blush. Like me.

Blushing has to do with dealing with stress, the best thing to do is decrease it. You know: realize that what you’re worrying about is probably not that big a deal. I know – easier said than done. Still, if you practice that in the mirror, chances are when a really embarrassing situation comes up, you’ll be able to get over it.

One thought on “How to Stop Going Red with embarrassment”

  1. I get red when I’m embarrassed too. I also get embarrassed a lot so its easy to turn red. I have put foundation on and it has helped sometimes. Say if it your teacher asking you to answer a question on the board, just focus on the question and the teacher, no one else. Pretend no one is around you. Be confident. Don’t care what other people say, be yourself. Remember doing this could improve your social life;}

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