Why does my face get hot and red really easy?

So, why do I have red cheeks?

I know in my case my face gets red and hot easy because that’s just in my genes. My dad and brother have red cheeks as well (not as bad as I do though), and my grandmother had it, as well as her sister.

So genes play a large part. Still, the other factors involved in Rosacea play a part too: stress, diet and over exposure to the sun. In some people it seems a side effect of being overweight.

A dermatologist just could not believe alcohol consumption didn’t play a part in my skin condition, so that’s one to look out for as well.

Rosacea – so what is it?

Rosacea is a condition where the face gets redder as time goes by. It can include facial redness and inflammation across the flushing zone – usually the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead; visibly dilated blood vessels, facial swelling and burning sensations, and inflammatory papules and pustules.

The main cause of Rosacea or permanently red skin in the face is genetics. However, there are things that worsen the condition:

  • Sun exposure. No, I don’t mean sunburn. I mean that too much sun makes those blood vessels widen, if you’re genetically predisposed.
  • Stress. Again: it makes you blush, and in some people the blush just builds slowly till it’s always there.
  • Alcohol. The most extreme case is in alcoholics of European descent. Alcohol abuse doesn’t cause the redness, but it does worsen the condition.
  • Spicy Foods.
  • Make-up, moisturizers etc. Anything that irritates the skin will worsen the redness as well. So if you do use make-up, use something that is at the very least hypoallergenic.

If none of these apply, red skin can also be a symptom of a deeper health problem. Especially if it came up quickly. Rosacea develops so gradually, you hardly notice.

Is it Rosacea?

Perhaps not. While the main symptom of Rosacea is red skin, pimples and an irregular skin in general are also symptomatic. The redness will be uneven and you will be able to see fine red lines, if you look closely. A swollen nose can also be part of the pattern.

Simply having red cheeks is NOT enough to diagnose Rosacea.

In extreme cases there can be eye problems:

  • pink eyes
  • inflammation of the cornea

Rosacea usually affects the central regions of the face, the forehead, cheeks, chin, and lower half of the nose.

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