Red Cheeks, how to get rid of them!

Rosacea can be cured with Eucerin Redness Relief

My cheeks are red, and have been as long as I can remember. I’m not really sure if it’s Rosacea, but what does the label matter? Worse yet: they’ve grown more red as I grew older. I’ve finally found a product that works though: Eucerin Redness Relief.

So, my cheeks aren’t as red as they used to be. It took 2 months.

I knew it was working the first week – when I started (this post), but I have had moments of doubt in between. Now, after more two months however, I’m sure it works.

[I wrote that years ago. Now I only use the cream a few times a week to keep it up. I’m still happy with the results.]

Eucerin promises that all redness will have disappeared after that month, but hey – they didn’t see my face (you can: see above)! However, even if all the redness isn’t gone, it is certainly much less than it was a month ago. There are places on my face where the redness has totally disappeared and there have been moments over the past month when I felt I should start using blush! That’s certainly a first for me.

Note that none of the images on this page were edited for color. 

I wrote this page in backwards order. So the newest comments are first.

Rosacea and Acne

How my skin looked before I used Eucerin to clear it up.

People with rosacea often also suffer from acne. I was always lucky in that respect – except when I started trying out lotions to counter my red cheeks.

Guess what: most lotions actually cause acne on my skin. I don’t know whether it’s the chemicals or the oils in there, but I really needed to keep my skin extra clean in order to avoid getting pimples.

A few years after I started using the Eucerin Redness Relief line.
A few years after I started using the Eucerin Redness Relief line.

But with these EUCERIN products, the problem is gone. I haven’t had pimples since. No acne, not even in the space between my nose and my cheeks.

Eucerin Redness Relief isn’t just great for treating my red cheeks (and chin and even ears), it also makes my skin softer than it’s been in years. And, as I said, acne free.

Conclusion: Eucerin Redness Relief won’t just treat your red cheeks, but it will also prevent pimples!

The change seems permanent… week 10 (or something)

using Eucerin Redness relief less, and still having decreased redness

I’ve been so busy moving house, painting, living out of boxes in my new apartment – that my skincare is suffering. I haven’t been using the night cream at all (lost somewhere in a box) – and the day cream goes on sporadically.

But the good news is: this doesn’t seem to be a problem AT ALL. Because the redness on my skin is obviously hereditary (my grandma had it, my father and brother have it etc.) – I expected to be stuck using this stuff for the rest of my life.

Guess what! Maybe I am, but not twice a day.

Based on my experience so far I’d recommend using this once in the morning AND at night till the redness has decreased to a level you can live with.

After that you can maintain your skin, and keep it nicely soft, with using either the night cream or the day cream once a day.

Male attention 🙂

week 8 of using Eucerin Redness Relief

Yes, I’m definitely noticing more guys noticing me. This is what they are seeing:


Did you notice the cheeks being too red? I sure don’t!

Sure – my skin is still reddish – that will probably never go away (partly because I don’t use this stuff often enough, and partly because my skin is just naturally red). But the difference between cute red and ouch red is a big one.

That’s after roughly two months of using Eucerin Redness relief.

The compliments I’m getting – week 7

of using Eucerin Redness Relief to cure red cheeks

I used to have pretty heavy rosacea. So people are used to seeing my skin red and blotchy. The compliments I’m getting aren’t about my skin-color. What people say is:

  • Your skin looks more even
  • You look good

Since nothing else has changed in my appearance since I started using this stuff – I do think they must be talking about the rosacea. And maybe my skin has become more even in texture, as well as less red.

Eucerin Redness Relief – it’s obvious it’s working!

I ought to get myself some blush … Week 5

of using Eucerin Redness Relief curing rosacea

Day 28

I’ll have to get used to my face looking totally different. After years of having such red cheeks that I hardly noticed anything else – this morning I thought: ‘I ought to get myself some blush’. Not sure that’s true, or a good idea with my sensitive skin, but it is significant that I thought that. There is still redness on my cheeks, my chin and on the sides of my nose, but it is definitely less than I can remember it being.

Getting rid of redness … Week 4

of using Eucerin Redness Relief

Day 27

I’m sure it’s helping, because this morning I noticed that the area that was red did not cover the same space I’m used to it covering. The redness didn’t go beyond the eye (toward the top of my face). In other words: it seems the area where I have actual redness on the face is shrinking.

Day 25

When I feel my face reddening, getting hot, the result isn’t as red as I’m sure it was a few weeks ago. I’ll take any improvement I can. I’m even sure the redness on my chin is decreasing. Today is the first day I’m sure of that.

Day 23

It seems the effect of Eucerin is reaching a plateau. I don’t notice improvements much at the moment, though perhaps my chin is lighter red than it was before. I am continuing the product, because the overal effect is far better than it was before I started using this.

I see the difference between treated and non-treated skin … Week 3

of using Eucerin Redness Relief to battle my red cheeks

Day 18

Today the skin on the part of my face that I did not treat yesterday is significantly redder than the skin I treated consistently (morning and night). More proof that this stuff really does work – and of course this morning I put the day-fluid on all the red area’s.

Day 17

This morning the redness of my face was so far reduced that I decided to only apply the day creme – which is also a sort of concealer – on the most affected parts of my face. I did not put in on the cheek which looks the most ‘normal’, because the amount of redness on that side was approximately that which some women will put ON their face with make-up.

I did put the day fluid on the side of my face I show in the pictures here: which is spotty and also more red than the other side. I also put in on my chin: I do want all redness to disappear from my chin.

I expect to keep using the night cream to continue the trend of getting less flushing in my face. Also: the mornings are the time when my face has least redness (the advantage of a good nights sleep, I guess), so I should probably keep at this until my face is flush-free in the mornings.

(Side) effects of Eucerin Redness Relief

  1. Definite lessening of redness in the face, in a short time
  2. Masks redness in the face. Day products contain a green pigment that makes my face actually look more tanned.
  3. I felt a bit of itching for about a week – now I don’t feel that side-effect any more.
  4. Makes my skin very soft.
  5. Makes my skin-texture better: more even.

Two weeks of using Eucerin Redness Relief

I looked into the mirror this morning and thought: I’m right back where I started. This stuff isn’t helping after all. But then I looked closer… It is very hard to compare the skin-color to what it was two weeks ago. And my cheeks are still redder than I want them to be.

BUT the amount of skin that’s reddish has decreased markedly. As you can see in the picture my skin was red all the way from my nose to the line of my chin – irregularly, but still – red all over. Now the redness doesn’t go quite as far in the direction of the line of my chin anymore.

Week 2 of using Eucarin Redness Relief

Day 12

I look in the mirror this morning and felt a bit weird: is that me? It’s like looking at a younger version of myself. I’ve never looked my age (always younger), perhaps because of my red cheeks – but now I look – just different from how I used to look. I guess I’d say I look cleaner than I used to, a month ago. I still do have red cheeks, and a blush on the chin, but all of it is lighter, less annoying.

Day 9

I’m wondering whether perhaps I’m reaching a plateau. I’m probably being impatient here. Still, the skin doesn’t look better than yesterday – no worse either. Is it even possible to see change from day to day?

I do feel a bit weird looking in the mirror: it’s me, but it’s different. I guess it is working. And even if I’ve hit a plateau: finding a product that decreases redness a bit and prevents it growing more red as time goes by (which was the trend) is great. Anyhow: the product description says that redness should be gone within a month, so I should give it at least that much time.

I’ll have to get a digital camera out to make a decent ‘after’ picture.

Eucerin Redness Relief & the Sun

I have a bit of a problem with the sun – because my face just doesn’t tan very well. The rest of my body tans normally, but on my face there are area’s that just don’t become darker.

Coincidence or not: the area’s that don’t tan, are the same area’s where I have red skin: my cheeks and chin.

I’ve learned by now that the sun isn’t good for rosacea. Which means that in effect I don’t tan, I get red – permanently. Nice Catch 22.

So I tan on my forehead, my nose etc. – not on my cheeks… Nice contrast for you.

Eucerin Redness relief day-cream contains sun protection ingredients. Which is nice, but it means if I use it on my cheeks and not on the rest of my face, I risk the contrast between my forehead and my cheeks getting even more pronounced.

My solution: during summer I have been using Eucerin Redness Relief day cream on my whole face, not just the red parts. And if you think that’s just wasting my money: I’m still working with my first bottle of day cream, which I bought nearly 3 months ago.

How I kept track: this is really helping!

My before and after picture.
My before and after picture.

It is pretty hard to know whether your skin is actually getting better, because you can not see how it was yesterday, only how it is today.

For this lens I’ve had to keep track rather closely of my progress, but it has been hard because rosacea is such an up and down condition. I wake up with pretty light (not red) skin, but during the day it goes up and down – probably with my mood.

So how did I keep track?

1) I checked my face against the picture on this lens. That was easy: my skin usually looked (much) better.

2) I checked which area’s of my face were red: especially after three weeks the affected area was just less large.

3) I made sure I mostly checked in the morning: I found that my skin was lightest at that point. Also after a good night sleep it wasn’t too affected yet by the stress of the day.

Getting used to the product … First week

of using Eucerin Redness Relief

Day 7

I’m happy to report that while the flushing in my face continues to decrease, there is no tension or itching today.

Day 6

The effects of using this stuff are still positive. Still, I feel the skin itching a bit. Not to the point that I have a tendency to scratch, but I just feel something all the time. Yesterday I washed off the day fluid because of this.

Because of the feel of the skin (very soft, but a bit painful), I use the night cream and the day fluid in the smallest quantities I can manage. I wipe off the excess night cream with a towel or tissue, for instance.

Day 3

It’s been so amazing that I felt compelled to create this lens. Yes – I actually see less redness on my cheeks. This is coming from a girl who recently had someone say: ‘hey, your whole face is red’ – after I had just come out from the cold. That wasn’t a pleasant experience, but my face has been growing towards that point for all my life. I just have red skin on my face.

This week I got ill, so normally my face would get even redder. But it didn’t – because I also started on (you got it) Eucerin Redness relief. To be exact: I’m using the fluid for daytime and the night cream.

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